Angel Pool

Track Listings
1 Garden End (5:49)
2 Embracing Winter (5:08)
3 Sunblush (4:34)
4 Juniper Hill (7:55)
5 Relinquished (3:19)
6 Eskimo Swin (4:38)
7 Angel Pool (7:40)
8 Nightswimming in the Deep End (3:11)
9 Glass in Lullabies (8:43)

Fake Noise From A Box Of Toys(2008)
Autumns (2004)
Gift Ep (2001)
Covers 3" Ep (2001)

Le Carillon (2001)
In The Russet Gold Of This Vain Hour (2000)
Winter in a Silver Box Ep (1998)

The Angel Pool (1997)
Suicide at Strell Park Ep (1997)


Release Date: (October 21, 1997)
Label: Risk Records
Producer: Andrew D. Prickett

December  Hotel 
Overall Rating:  

(The Garden Ends)


Album Review

The Autumns' debut album, Angel Pool, is an entrancing set of dream-pop that draws heavily from the swelling feedback of My Bloody Valentine and the ethereal harmonies of the Cocteau Twins. Often, the group's sound takes precedence over their songwriting, but it's hard not to get swept up along with the cascading sound.  This is a great album. Thats all that has to be said. They sound almost identical to Adorable with a little west coast pop sound thrown in. This is a great dreamy album, excellent chill music as usual. I think these guys are from California somewhere, probably San Francisco (they have a big brit-pop scene). The producer (Andy Prickett) is brilliant. Great album, but you will love it if you like the late 80's manchester type pop (Stone Roses, James, Charlattans). Two big thumbs up, finding this album might be a little difficult, but you can check out and see if you can it from the label.

The Autumns are a band from the bay area who, in my opinion, have a sound like how I think The Prayer Chain would have sounded in their next album (had they not inconveniently broken up). "The Angel Pool" is a work of sheer genius and deft songwriting, s owing off melancholy guitars superimposed over multiple melodies and countermelodies. While the words are very hard to make out during a casual listen, the vocals are absolutely beautiful. They compliment the lovely music perfectly. Andy Prickett, formerly of The Prayer Chain, produced this album (which might explain some of the similaries in sound. The guitars sound almost exactly like something Prickett would play, actually - I could have sworn he was in the band. At any rate, I give this album a big fat A+, for the simple reason that it's amazingly good.

~ Unknown


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