Track Listings
1   The Best Days Are Yet to Come
2   Three Spring Fools
3   Hangin' On That
4   The Rainbow At The End Of...
5   The Gold
6   LateNite
7   Here's To The Kids Who Are Different
8   Simplified
9   Amy To The Northwest
10 Two Stars In Waiting
11 Family Interaction
12 When You Are Born



Release Date: (June 28, 2011)
Label: Self Released

December Hotel
Overall Rating:  ++++



Album Review

Cortisol is the brainchild of Adam Fein (Absinthe Blind, Gazelle) an almost
one-man musical army. With the help of Brett Sanderson (Absinthe Blind,
and The Beauty Shop,) Cortisol forges it's way down the path
of what I like to call space-rock, full of lush sonic soundscapes.

I have been following Adam's career since the end of the late 90's. Every project
he is apart of is always good, Cortisol is no different. This is his latest project,
maybe not a fully realized effort. Like most albums is has it's highs and lows.
"Simplified," be one of the many highs. To date easily one of the best songs he
has written. After repeated listening the layers of texture seem to keep

A few of the songs run on a bit too long and after awhile the spoken word
samples get a little old. If you can look past those short comings you will find
an album full of many inspired moments. If you're a fan of beautiful psychedelic
mood music then this album is a must have.

~ Anthony P. Hanna



You can purchase this album at bandcamp as a pay what you want download.


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