With Wings We Reach The Sun

Track Listings
1. Save Me 05:36
2. A New World 05:01
3. Summer Of Love 03:52
4. Blue Guitar 01:04
5. Limerence 04:30
6. Telepathy 01:42
7. Before We Knew The Cross 03:21
8. Waiting For A Better Day 01:07
9. Blissfully Yours 04:50
10. The Gospel Of Luke 04:29
11. Sunlight Of Bygone Days 04:25
12. Bells 02:56

With Wings We Reach The Sun (2013)
EICV7" No. 9  (2011)
Phoenix Asteroid (2009)


Release Date: (May 6, 2013)
Label: Parallax Records

December Hotel
Overall Rating:  ++++-

(Before We Knew The Cross)


Album Review

Ecovillage is the elecronica shoegaze outfit of Emil Holmstrom and
Peter Wikstrom
, who hail from Sverige, Sweden. With Fragile Wings We
Reach The Sun
being their second full length release. From the start,
with fragile wings... is simply fantastic. There is nothing that evens comes
close to being considered filler. In fact the whole album is essentially a
sound collage with every song as good as the previous song or better. I
haven't been this excited over the discovery of a new band in a very long time.

"Save Me," is the opening track, from it's pounding drum beat to the strong
memorable bass line, along with the euphoric vocals make it one of the many
highlights on the album. "Before We Knew The Cross" is probably the closest
thing to a single. The vocals are up front in the song unlike the rest of
the songs. Making it much easier to understand each and every word. The
near five minutes of slightly unsettling atmosphere washing over you on
"Blissfully Yours" is just completely epic. Which probably Make it the
shining moment of the entire album. The gorgeous dreampop of
"Sunlight Of Bygone Days" has a very beautiful, very ambient melody that is
just so relaxing. The guitar freak out towards the end of the song was very
welcoming. I'm hoping on their next release they explore that avenue a
little more.

With Wings We Reach The Sun is full of dreamy instrumentation, great
sounds and textures are to be found through out. What a glorious release.
This new find has got to be the best album I have heard in a very long time.
Ecovillage has a new fan, who can't wait to see what comes next from this
Scandinavian duo. It's sure to impress.

~ Anthony P. Hanna


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