In Exile

Track Listings
1. Caught in the Air 04:30
2. Empty Seed 03:31
3. Phantoms 03:10
4. Drawing Circles in the Sand 04:05
5. In the Garden 01:53
6. In Flight 03:27
7. Promised Land 04:05

In Exile (2010)
The Frozen Ocean (2008)


Release Date: (November 30, 2010)
Label: Come & Live
Producer: Dave Swanson

December  Hotel 
Overall Rating:  

(Promised Land)


Album Review

The Frozen Ocean is a one man band. Dave Swanson (ex-Life In Your Way)
is the guilty party. He plays all of the instruments except for drums.
This release is a bit of a indie folk rock experimentation. The rootsy
feel of many of the songs is where the strength of In exile lies. It's
obvious Dave feels deeply about the topics he's singing about. Best
referenced in the song "In the Garden," an acoustic mellow one lasting
a mere 1.53. The creative intro of "Drawing Circles in the Sand" is one
of the bright spots on the e.p. A song I frequently revisit. I notice
something different every time I hear it. It's as if something new is
released every time it's played. "Promised Land," easily the best song.
I find it oddly strange that he decided to put it last on the disc.
Usually the stand out track ends up on the first half of an album. It
would have benefited the e.p. as a whole if it were one of the first

The writing on In Exile is solid and the themes are relatible, sweet,
and uplifting. His voice isn't unique but it's good. The Frozen Ocean
may seem like an artist with just a few ideas, but he believes in them
and we all know belief is a very powerful thing to have. This is a very
sentimental release giving me the hope that we haven't heard the last
of The Frozen Ocean.

~ Anthony P. Hanna




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