Track Listings
1. Open Wide
2. All I Want
3. Twilight
4. Speak To Me Gently
5. Thinking of You
6. Sunrising
7. Sacred Place
8. You And I
9. Sanctitatis
10. If You Find Her
11. Gazing
12. Stay Beside Me


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Twilight (2007)
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Release Date: (January 23, 2007)
Label: Credential Recordings
Producer: Ken Andrews

December  Hotel 
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Album Review

Well here we are another year is upon us. I'm looking forward to what is
looking to be another great year in music. One can only hope that many new
artists hit the scene this year, with as much depth as "Twilight" the new
disc by Future Of Forestry. Two of the former members of Something like Silas
have gathered a new cast and formed this experimental outfit.

"Open Wide" gets things started. It's a sonically driven upbeat rocker. It's
the first sign that more good things a sure to come. "All I Want" is the next
one that rolls in with it's big rock crescendo. At this point it's evident
that Future Of Forestry like to bank on good atmospherics to grab the listeners
attention. On most of the disc's songs it works. At times their music reminds me
of the late Common Children and the still ever present Delirious. Just not as
polished or clear on which road they are trying to head down.

At times their music is almost too accessible. A perfect example of that are the
tracks "Thinking Of You" and "Sunrising." "Speak to me Gently" a stripped-down
love song. It's one of those songs that wants to stick with you. It's bare-bones
arrangements really help the song move along without letting the message slip away
without notice. "Sacred Place" is another great adventure in sonics. The airy
keyboards make a nice comfortable blanket of sound.

The first half of the disc is pretty darn good. Where they start to lose me is
towards the end of things. The only song that really made any kind of statement
with me out of the last five songs is the instrumental "Sanctitatis." The great
guitar movement and the background vocals can almost be hypnotic at times. If only
every song on the album had this kind of impact on me.

Twilight may not rock your world but it's very pleasing at times. The depth alone
should be enough to gather fans for years to come. As long as they're music
continues to grow they should have a decent chance of making some noise within
the music industry.

 For Fans Of: Sleeping at Last, Delirious, Smashing Pumpkins, Glisten, and Common Children


~ Anthony P. Hanna



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