Track Listings
1 Mojo Pin (5:42)
2 Grace (5:22)
3 Last Goodbye (4:35)
4 Lilac Wine (4:32)
5 So Real (4:43)
6 Hallelujah (6:53)
7 Lover, You Should've Come Over (6:43)
8 Corpus Christi Carol (2:56)
9 Eternal Life (4:52)
10 Dream Brother (5:26)

Grace Around The World (2009)
So Real (2007)
Maximum Jeff Buckley (2005)
Live at the Sin-e' (2003)
The Grace Eps (2002)
Songs To No One 1991-1992 (2002)
Live at L'Olympia
Mystery White Boy (2000)
Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk (1998)
Grace (1994)


Release Date: (August 23, 1994)
Label: Sony
Producer: Andy Wallace

December  Hotel 
Overall Rating:  

(Mojo Pin)

Album Review

Jeff Buckley's tragically early death surely did something to immortalize his one and only full-length album, but even so, Grace is without doubt a truly musical monument, spanning time and space and perpetually blowing fresh minds round the globe (and quite possibly somewhere beyond).

His voice is multi-textured and he uses notes to dramatic effect - the agony and the ecstasy of it hitting you straight in the gut. His music is so extraordinary, in fact, that it's impossible to put this album on in the background without being drawn into its psyche. Don't just listen -experience, be mesmerized, take a trip.

This re-mastered Legacy edition of Grace includes a second CD of unreleased material and rarities, plus a DVD of promo videos and an expanded version of the original Grace documentary. The question is, is it worth having over the original?

The answer is a definite yes, its main selling point being the fact that the second CD, dare I say it, is practically as good as the first.

It highlights his interest and accomplishment in diverse genres and consolidates his status as a musical pioneer.

Out of the 13 songs, highlights include "Forget Her", a stunningly beautiful song that sends the emotions tearing and tingling out the ends of your fingers. "Kanga Roo" is14 minutes of abrasive, mind melting insanity, "Parchman Farm Blues" which hears Buckley capturing perfectly the meter and pitch of an old blues sound and the thrash rock-ness of "Eternal Life".

So, 10 years after the original release of this seminal album, the legacy edition is indeed a credit to his name. There is poignancy to watching the man on film and you can't help wondering, as with all artists cut off in their prime, what may have been.

Listen and be purged.

~ Stephanie Barrow



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