Track Listings
1 Crash (4:09)
2 Cool (4:37)
3 Over (3:45)
4 Stars (4:38)
5 Drive (2:43)
6 Tonight (3:30)
7 Away (2:27)
8 Somewhere (4:19)
9 Thru (5:04)
10 Sky (3:31)


The All Indie E.P. (2006)
Comatose Soul (2004)
Hearts Of Care (2002)
Life of David (2001)
Things I've Done, Things to Come (2000)
Live In Nash- Vegas (2000)
Bomb Bay Babies Vol. 1  (2000)
Definitive Collection (1999)
Strip Cycle (1996)
Fluid (1995)
Rocket and a Bomb (1994)
Screaming Brittle Siren  (1992)



Release Date: (1995)
Label: Alarma Records

December  Hotel 
Overall Rating:  



Album Review


You can't tell me that their isn't just something about Michael Knott,
that you have to like no matter how you feel about his image.
This guy puts his heart and soul into his craft. You have to appreciate
that on some kind of level.

This album took a little longer then usual for me to really get into.
But it's well worth the time invested. This album is a rock opera of
sorts. Which is nothing new for Mike. He has always been good at this
kind of thing. Some might consider this a down album. But I would argue
this one holds it's own among many of his catalog picks.

"Fluid" is another album of Mike's that isn't flashy but reeks of honesty.
The opener "Crash" is kind of catchy but nothing that holds my attention.
Now the next song  "Cool" is completely opposite. The main guitar riff is stellar.
I was instantly hooked and then came the chorus. I then knew I was inside
of a great rock song. The chorus is simple yet riveting. Unfortunately
this is by far the best rocker on disc. Many of the songs give off a nice
old school vibe. "Tonight" one of the bright shining ballads carries that
scent. On this one, Michael reaches out for his savior's approval and
acceptance. "Somewhere" the slow broken hearted tough guy ballad is
striking , you can't  help but feel sorry for the girl Michael is singing about.

There are a few songs I am not to fond of. I still enjoyed everything
else enough to be happy holding onto this rare one, for future spins.

~ Anthony Hanna


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