The Modern Post

Grace Alone Ep

Track Listings
1. Just As I Am 3:17
2. Grace Alone 3:34
3. Before the Throne 3:27
4. Amazing Grace (God of Grace) 4:16
5. White As Snow 3:54


Grace Alone (2012)



Release Date: (August 14, 2012)
Label: Mars Hill Music

December  Hotel 
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(Grace Alone)

Album Review
It was a sad day when Thrice announced their hiatus. The only
thing that made that pain a little easier to take was hearing that
Dustin Kensrue was going to continue to record and release music.
The Modern Post is Kensrue's new musical avenue. A worship
project being distributed by Mars Hill Music.

Grace Alone is without a doubt a worship album for those not into
conventional worship records. Grace Alone is a new wave worship
record and I mean in sound. Just As I Am starts with a dark synth
bass line before Kensrue's guitar line kicks in. The track reminds
me a lot of She Wants Revenge's first record (Ya know... Without
all the sexual themes). "Grace Alone" might be the poppiest song
Kensrue's ever written. Before the Throne sounds like it could have
fit in Thrice's rotation while "Amazing Grace" (yes, the same one)
Is full on 80's new wave goodness. "White As Snow" ends the ep on
a Tears For Fears note.

It's a great ep and a taste of Kensrue's musical direction post
Thrice (at least I hope there are more records like Grace Alone).
Yes, it's a worship record but it's unlike any worship record you've
ever heard. And that's a good thing.

~ Bryan Patton


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