On Verge Of Collapsing

Track Listings
1  on time
2  darlin' come home
3  these things happen
4  collapsing
5  heavy waters
6  winter winds

7  trouble
8  recovery
9  walk with me
10  heaven bound train

On The Verge of Collapsing (2006)
Other Desert Cities (2001)


Release Date: (August 08, 2006)
Label: Velvet Blue Music
Producer: C.Charles Bowden

December  Hotel 
Overall Rating:  

(On time)


Album Review

It's not too often that I stumble across a grouping of songs that absolutely
leave me breathless. Well guess what? It has happened once again. When I
listen to "On the verge of collapsing" I imagine myself sitting on the
front porch. Of my family's cabin up in the mountains, sipping on some
hot chocolate with a nice fire rambling in the front yard.

Unfortunately, I don't really know much about Other Desert Cities. How that
is possible I have no clue. This band should be well known with a release
like this. Well if it's even a band. From what I have gathered one man is
behind this beautiful music, C. Charles Bowden. He wrote all of the songs.

The album opens up with the heart felt "On Time." The harmonica slips in at
the perfect time. Like most of the music on the disc perfect and timeless.
He's singing about driving across the country with his girl and describing
how everything is well because she is there with him. C. Charles Bowden
mixes the instruments together so well, never forcing things. Once
"These Things Happen" comes along it's pretty evident that this cd is for
real. This song makes you want to cry. I love the many different themes
that come up through out the album. Especially on this song, it's about a
husband getting a phone call about his wife dieing in a car crash.
C. Charles's use of tempo changes are quite clever. They line up so well
with each verse. The horn chimes in at the perfect time. Helping express
the pain this man feels for his dead wife.

I could swear "Heavy Waters" was stolen right out of Neil Young's catalog.
Especially when I hear the short guitar solo half way through. "Recovery"
is another song that sounds like it belongs in the 70's. It's one of the
most beautiful instrumental songs I have heard in recent memory.

Well as you might tell, I am very fond of this release. If you only buy
one cd this year it should be this one. I cannot explain to you with words
how great this disc is. Do yourself a favor and find out for yourself.

For Fans Of: Hotel Underground, Neil Young, Damien Jurado,
Bob Dylan, Richard Swift, Frank Lenz, Sufjan Stevens and

~ Anthony P. Hanna



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