Track Listings
1   Magnificent Defeat
2   I've Been Surprised
3   Surrender
4   Outrageous
5   Forgiven
6   Only Your Presence
7   One Drop
8   Fill The Skies

9   Final Word

10 Faith Facing The Dark

Pilgrim (2013)


Release Date: (April 25, 2013)
Label: Deeper Well

December Hotel
Overall Rating:  ++++-  

(Only Your Presence)


Album Review

There's something liberating when you hear a song that moves you. It's a
sort of drug for some like myself. I am constantly on the search for music
that hits me deep down inside. It's always a victory when I find an album
like "Pilgrim." Pilgrim is Josh White formerly of  Telecast and The Followers.
He has moved into the genre of electro pop, with a product that is sure to
be a great success.

"I've Been Surprised" is a great representation of the album as a whole. The
arrangements and dynamics through out are so interesting. The song holds
your attention until the very end. "Surrender" echoes the driving drum beat
of The Black Keys indie hit "Howlin' For You." Easily one of the many
highlights found on the disc. What I love about this record is that it retains
a continuous flow and offers a variety of different sounds. Never sounding like

anyone else, showcasing an innovation rarely found these days.

The epic mood-altering sonics found in "Outrageous" make me want to leave
the song on repeat, sure to drive my family crazy. "Only Your Presence" may
be the the best track. It's a head throbbing affair, leaving a lingering scent of
times gone by long after the song is over. "Fill the Skies"  has an entrancing
rhythm section that eases the song along. It's a great mix between ambient
and pop.

Pilgrim gets it right by paying as much attention to melody and rhythm as he
does with the beats and lyrics. It's as if he has pulled us into a new landscape
of electronica. It's a welcomed effort that's worthy of being one
of the top
albums released this year.

~ Anthony P. Hanna



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