Dark Words On Dark Wings

Track Listings
1 The Last Brave Soldier  (2:17)
2 The Dust Storm  (5:09)
3 Runner  (3:33)
4 Speak To The Dark  (3:39)
5 A Dying Breed  (3:34)
6 Keeps And Castles  (4:41)
7 The Things That Cannot Be  (3:04)
8 A Feast For Crows  (3:38)
9 17-23  (3:46)
10 Hum  (3:24)


Dark Words On Dark Wings  (2011)
With/Without  (2010)
He Calls Me Diamonds Ep (2009)


Release Date: (October 25, 2011)
Label: Independent
Producer: Jeremy SH Griffith

December  Hotel 
Overall Rating: ++++


Album Review
Quiet Science hail out of Florida, and are an alternative/glam rock trio. Dusting over intense drums and echoing guitars are heavy doses of synths, adding something unique to the songs. Throughout the 10 song venture of Dark Words on Dark Wings, the band explore themes of finding hope in dark times, and fighting the good fight. The album's lead single, "Runner," is oh so catchy, and the chorus will be sure to hook any listener, unknowingly, while "A Dying Breed" has an aggressive drive to it, and harmonies between lead vocalist Mark Nathan and Daisy Elisabeth. "A Feast For Crows" is another one of the album's strongest points,  littered with danceable electronics, and swooning vocals. If you're looking for some catchy, passionate alternative rock, and perhaps enjoy synth-heavy songs from the 80s, then Quiet Science might just be the band you are looking for. Also, be sure to check out their debut album as well, 2010's [With/Without].

~ Ali Bajwa





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