Track Listings
1 Humm (5:17)
2 All I Want (4:02)
3 Do You Love Me? (3:26)
4 Already Gone (3:55)
5 More (5:40)
6 Swan Sea (3:50)
7 Eleanor (3:42)
8 Rewind (3:41)
9 Blown Away (4:10)
10 Trans (0:41)
11 Ends Begin (7:00)
12 One Thousand Years (6:46)

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Release Date: (February 14, 2006)
Label: Northern Records
Producer: Michael J. Pritzl and The Glitter Twins

December Hotel
Overall Rating:  +++-


Album Review

Over the last few years I have really taken a liking to The Violet Burning. They have
easily become one of my favorite bands. They recently released the long awaited
follow-up to This is the Moment. And a fine follow-up it is, easily one of the band's
best efforts to date.

They get things started off with "Humm," a slow romantic moody tune. With dark
introspective lyrics. Something we have come to expect from Michael Pritzl. "Humm"
was the perfect song to get things started. Next up is "All I Want," a throw back to The
Violets of old. An upbeat rocker about love.

Now we come to my favorite and one of the best songs Michael has ever written in my
humble opinion. "More" a groovy melodic rocker. It starts out with a mid-tempo
drum groove. After a couple minutes you are starting to think you have been left
with an instrumental song. And then before you know it, the song explodes and
really takes off from there. And once again Michael is banging you over the head
with his deep lyrics. After all these years who would of thought Michael could still
have so much to say.

"The Ends Begin" is one of the few slow songs on the disc. But definitely one of the
best songs on the disc. "One Thousand Years" another one of the best songs Michael
has ever written. It's an almost over the top epic. It starts out really slow and
eases it's self into a full throttle rock song.

I'm really glad they wrote this album. The Violet Burning are still one of the most
passionate bands around. Their are really no songs to dislike on this effort. The only
one that I don't really care for but still kind of like is "Eleanor" I don't know if
it's the cheesy chorus that kind of bugs me, or if it's just that he's singing about
someone named Eleanor. Come on does anyone really know an Eleanor. And if they do,
she has to be well over 8o years old. I'm sure I'm just being anal and too nit-picky.

I'm sure some might be disappointed that Michael and the gang don't really stray too
much from what has become their standard sound. I guess I wish they would of
experimented a little bit too. But either way it's still a great disc.


For Fans Of: The Cure, Delirious, Smashing Pumpkins, Spiritualized and The Listening


~ Anthony P. Hanna




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