Saturday, July 25, 2009

Smoking while pregnant (Try it)


Smoking has been known to affect the unborn children of
pregnant mothers, Right? So why do I seem to run into so
many Mothers when I'm at work who smoke when they are pregnant? I could swear it was popular knowledge that women who are pregnant with child should not smoke. Last time I checked it was no longer 1979, when we didn't have all the studies we do now that backup the point I'm trying to get across here.

Just the other day Jesus and I were at a customers
apartment. It was obvious to us that she was pregnant. To our amazement she lit up and started smoking. Usually we will keep quite cuz' its not really our business. But this time was different. I think neither of us could take it anymore without speaking up. She said she is really stressed out and that's why she is smoking. Which is a really poor excuse in my eyes. I wanted to ask her is it really worth risking her future child's health, because she can't find another way to

deal with her stress.

Here is a list of things that smoking can cause an unborn child:
1. Cigarette smoking during pregnancy can cause health problems to the

born child.
2. Cigarette smoking during pregnancy can cause ADHD.
3. Cigarette smoking during can affect a child's future academic performance.
4. Cigarette smoking during pregnancy can cause behavior problems.
5. Cigarette smoking during pregnancy can cause complications during birth.

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